About Us

Biofinder Plus is a platform for products and service listings from Life Science Brands and Suppliers. It was conceived when a young researcher discovered an uphill task in the sourcing of reagents and consumables for life science experiments. Our aim is to organize information with regards to products, services and necessary tools that will aid the development of life sciences in Africa.

Biofinder Plus provides a one-stop shop opportunity for researcherscatering to all research interests in the field of life sciences. As a platform for products and service listings, Biofinder Plus ensures that payment challenges bedevilling the purchase of products are adequately resolved through her Ecommerce capabilities. It also helps resolves procurement challenges encountered by Procurement Managers since they will be able to find, compare and make relevant product purchasing decisions on budgetary allocations.

With us, we ensure that matchmaking between scientists and suppliers in the Biotechnology industry or life sciences becomes easier with 24/7 access. Our platform benefits everyone from suppliers, life science brands, researchers, purchasing managers and others by creating transparency as well as a comfortable online experience.

Team Members


Yem Yechi